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Unlock the full potential of Odoo with our tailored Success Pack. Benefit from expert guidance, personalized training, and ongoing support to ensure a seamless and successful implementation of your Odoo ERP solution.

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What is Odoo Success Pack?

The Odoo Success Pack is a comprehensive package of services and resources designed to assist businesses in maximizing the benefits of their Odoo implementation. It encompasses various elements, from user onboarding to customization, integration, technical support, and maintenance. This pack ensures that businesses can effectively leverage Odoo software to optimize their processes and achieve their objectives efficiently. With access to a team of Odoo experts, businesses can receive tailored guidance and support throughout the implementation process, ensuring a smooth and successful launch of Odoo within their organization.

The Success Pack is divided into three main parts: Analysis, Implementation, and Optimization.


Analysis involves a thorough review of the customer's current systems, processes, and goals. This detailed examination helps us understand their needs and objectives, allowing us to develop an Odoo solution tailored to meet those specific requirements.


After completing the analysis, we can begin implementing the Odoo solution. This process includes customizing the software and integrating it with the existing systems.


Once the implementation is successful, we can start optimizing it for peak performance. This involves testing, troubleshooting, and offering continuous support.

Success Pack Features Include

The Odoo Success Pack provides a variety of features designed to help businesses thrive:

  • Streamlined Implementation Process: The Odoo Success Pack ensures a quick and smooth implementation of Odoo, making the process efficient and hassle-free.
  • Comprehensive Support and Customization: It includes a wide range of support services and customization options, helping businesses maximize the benefits of their Odoo implementation.
  • Integration With Other Systems: The Success Pack facilitates the integration of Odoo with other systems like Salesforce, Shopify, and more, ensuring seamless connectivity.
  • Continuous Improvement: It aids businesses in continuously enhancing their Odoo implementation, keeping the system up-to-date and relevant.
  • Implementation Strategy: The Success Pack provides a step-by-step plan for implementing Odoo, guiding businesses through the process and ensuring a successful launch.

  • Training: Businesses receive training for their teams to ensure they understand how to effectively use Odoo and maximize its potential within their organization.

  • Support and Maintenance: The Success Pack includes ongoing support and maintenance services, providing businesses with peace of mind and ensuring any issues with their Odoo implementation are promptly addressed.

The Odoo Success Pack is designed to help businesses fully leverage their Odoo implementation, enabling them to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. By utilizing the Success Pack, businesses can ensure a successful Odoo implementation and maximize their return on investment.

Success Pack Services

 The Odoo Success Pack offers a comprehensive range of services, including:
  • Implementation
  • Guidance and Consultation
  • User Support
  • Customization
  • Integration
  • Automated Processes
  • Customer Support
  • Training

The Odoo Success Pack includes an implementation strategy with a step-by-step plan to get your Odoo ERP system up and running quickly and efficiently. It also offers training for your team to ensure they fully understand the system and can utilize it to its maximum potential. Additionally, the Success Pack provides support and maintenance, giving you peace of mind by ensuring any issues that may arise with your Odoo ERP system are promptly addressed.

We Provide The Best ERP Solutions

Our ERP solution is built on top of Odoo framework which is highly customizable and extensible framework in the market today. Since we understand the business and are expert in optimizing processes of the manufacturing industry and other businesses, we can help you to build cutting edge ERP solution for your business.


Manage all your customer data in one place to improve customer retention, strengthen relationships, and maximize profitability. Alligator CRM is an integrated solution for managing customers, products, and orders. It also includes marketing tools like email marketing and social media marketing to help you grow your business with ease.


Stay on top of inventory levels with ease. With real-time reporting and alerts based on inventory levels, you’ll always know what’s going on in the warehouse.Inventory, Manufacturing, PLM, Purchase, Maintenance, Quality


Get all the time-saving finance and accounting tools to grow your business. Accounting, invoicing expenses, spreadsheet (BI) & manage documents. Easily create your earnings report, balance sheet or cash flow statements. Automatically create invoices from sales orders, delivery orders or base them on time and material.


Successfully manage your employees by centralizing your HR information. Oversee important information for each department at a glance. Restrict visibility of sensitive information or make information public for all employees. Track time & attendance. Simplified tracking for employee vacation and sick days. Receive alerts for any new leave requests, allocation requests, applications & appraisals. Streamline expense management.


Forecast needs & resources. Project performance & employees’ availability. Schedule your teams across projects taking employees’ holidays into account. Plan ahead for upcoming projects with forecasts based on comparable projects and estimate deadlines more accurately. Compare forecasts with real timesheets for increased profitability.


ERP for dedicated operational tools which will be helpful in the planning, execution of the production process, running quality check and sending it out to warehouses or customers. The manufacturing module will act as the control center for all your production operations in your facility.

Our Odoo ERP Services

Odoo ERP Development

Your big ideas require bigger ERP infrastructure. Alligator Infosoft is the leading Odoo development and solution provider, excelling in different modules with end-to-end services.

Odoo ERP Consulting

Odoo is such a vast ERP system that sometimes it is better to gain complete information about its functions & technical structure before deciding its implementation in your business.

Odoo ERP Customization

Odoo customization can be referred as providing that personalized experience in an application as per the specification of clients. Odoo provides a fully functional package to meet up an enterprise

Odoo ERP Integration

Odoo has various versions available, starting from V5 to V9.0 Enterprise, and those can be set up in various Operating systems like Windows, Ubuntu, MAC, CentOS etc.

Odoo ERP Migration

Migrating your old Odoo versions to the new and better one is quite a tedious and complex task, few errors can lead to disruption of the whole framework.

Odoo ERP Support

Alligator Infosoft has expertise in providing various services for ODOO ERP which includes Support, Training, Migration, Offshore and Implementation.

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Unlock the full potential of Odoo with our expert development services tailored to your business needs Trust us to optimize, customize, and elevate your Odoo experience for seamless operations and growth.

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